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Darken Blurbs

Here are the blurbs for the Darken Series, just because it feels right to post them. *shrug* I never claimed I ever made any sense whatsoever.



Darken, creatures borne of human desire, the darkness that lingers within all of the human race. Feeding off pain, anger, hatred, lust; release of all emotion subdued and cast aside by human fear. They stand as the living, physical proof of humanities evil. They are the future, and no matter what you do to hide from it, no matter what walls you build to keep them away, they will always be there, growing and festering, waiting for the day when you cannot stop the thoughts, dark and cruel, the urges, demanding and twisted, and the actions, quick and deadly.

They wait, because to the Darken there is no other end but the one they can see so clearly. The humans in their cities can pretend they do not exist, or that they are not to blame for the ruin the world has fallen into. But the Darken know, and deep down, so do the humans. There is no saviour, no relief, nothing but the inevitable end. Resistance means nothing, and it cannot save them, but the human spirit is nothing if not stubborn, and their resistance will make the final defeat all the sweeter.

1.     Mars Morrison Captains the Shadow Company, the only people brave enough to face the Darken head on outside the walls of the Sealed City. But his job becomes far more difficult when the newest member of his team is none other than his younger brother who he has not spent time with in eleven years. Now Mars must reconcile leading his team, whose sole purpose is to fight and kill Darken, and honouring his mothers last wishes to protect his brother, who harbours a dark secret.

2.     Approached by a soldier who wants to join the Shadow Company, Mars makes the decision to even the team, but as the new recruit begins to uncover Astral’s secret what can Mars and the rest of the team do to protect their youngest member?

3.     Mars has been injured in battle and a replacement trainer has been drafted in to look after the teams training, but the man appears to have design’s of his own, and they all seem to centre on pushing Astral into releasing his Darken side

4.     The City has been breached, Darken are plaguing the streets and driving the citizens into frightened frenzy’s. The Shadow Company goes out to help push the Darken back outside the walls, each member struggling with memories of their first city breach and the first time they saw the Darken.

5.     Astral has come down with the flu, and during his fever he begins to change from human to Darken, never staying long as one or the other, plagued by nightmares. Mars and the team can only look on helplessly, fending off demands from the Base Commander for Astral to be transferred to the Science department for testing.

6.     Gavin is back, and he’s not all human anymore. But he is determined to take Astral down with him before he succumbs to the Darken within him.

7.     Urges that are not his own, but those of the Darken part of himself are driving Astral to do things he would not have before, and nothing Astral can do seems to be helping. Is the Darken simply too strong? Is the end truly as inevitable as it seems?

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