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Single Fanfics

All my on off fanfics, if I ever write another in one of these fandom’s I will give them their very own titled post, but for the moment they can stay here in the company of their fellow singles. Please enjoy.


A Great and Honourable Tradition: HSM2 The Baseball game, and just why Chad and Ryan exchanged shirts. Different from other fics about this, that I've read anyway. Short.

Arc: (In Progress) A collection eventually of stories based around the character of Arc and his relationships with the other Warriors of Light, and his past.

Cheeks Worries: Set at the end of Mattimeo. Since the Redwallers got their young ones back, Cheek has been feeling left out, and no one has noticed. Can Basil convince the young otter to come back to Redwall, and that he is wanted and loved?

Guardians: Well, if Taz had met Flint and Tanis as a child, this is what I think would have happened.

Grove of Harmony: (In Progress) The Queen asks Cain to do a great service to save the OZ once more. His task, to take Ambrose/Glitch to the Grove of Harmony.

Holiday at  Zala Beach: (In Progress) A series of one shots set 5 years after the defeat of Veros. Our heroes have a reunion at Zala beach, with surprises all round.

Morning Ritual: Syaoran would never take their morning ritual for granted. If he did his heart would break. He would always wait for her, because she had waited for him.

One Shots: (In Progress) A collection of one shots I will likely update as I play the game, Star Ocean: the last hope. Some Faize/Lymle, with the possibility of other pairings later as I meet new characters.

Of Brothers, Rings and Forgetting Things: After Sabin finds Edgar in the Land of Ruin, and the adventure continues on, things might not be how they appear. Sabin tries desperately to get Edgar to remember that they are brothers.

Tags: cardcaptor sakura, dragonlance, fanfic, final fantasy, high school musical 2, infinite undiscovery, redwall, star ocean

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