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Magnificent 7 Fanfics

Ezra all the way. That’s all I have to say.


Flabbergast: Nathan reveals something he probably shouldn't have. A Nathan, Ezra story. No slash.

M7 Darken: An M7 short fic based off my novel, Darken.

Cold Case: (In Progress) Chris Larabee heads a Cold Case Unit with a little help from the Afterlife. Slash.

After the War is Over: (In Progress) The War is over, the North has won, and everyone returns to the lives they left behind. Those who cannot, find another life. And thus begins a tale of death, love, betrayal, and loyalty, to one's family, friends, and most importantly, to one's heart.


Cats & Dogs Series

Cats &Dogs: Chris has had Vin and Ezra now for nearly three months, when a woman, Maude Standish, turns up searching for her missing prize winning cat, ‘Angel Wings’, and takes Ezra away from the ranch. Chris never expected to miss the irritating cat so much.

Homeward Bound: (In Progress) Buck and Chris have been called to a court case in the city that involves both of them. They leave Vin, Ezra and JD in the capable hands of Josiah and Nathan out at the ranch. However, some people come to the ranch, intent on stealing the horses.

Showtime: (Unwritten)

Hounds of Hell: (Unwritten)


Supernatural Fusion Series

The Civil War House: (In Progress) The Magnificent Seven Supernatural Universe. Ezra needs help with a Poltergeist to get an item for a paying customer, and so he calls in his brothers for help. But dark, and evil things await in the Civil War House.

Things are Coming Together: (In Progress) Crossover with Magnificent7. Dean and Sam learn something very interesting about Bela, and Dean, when they finally track her down to get the Colt back. Just why is Vin Tanner protecting her? Pre-Slash eventually but not Wincest.

Condition: Spin off one-shot from 'Things are Coming Together'. Dean is rudely awoken by a very angry Ezra. Dean/Ezra slash

Tags: ezra, fanfic, mag 7

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