February 17th, 2010


Game Review

Here is the first in what may be a long line of Game reviews. This will probably not be exactly how other people write reviews on games, but as it is my fist time trying such a thing it will be how I do it. I have picked out bits of the game I feel were interesting or note worthy and have written about them, as well as given my own opinion on the game play, storyline and characters.


Beware the spoilers!


Star Ocean: The Last Hope



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Final Notes

This is a game that is well worth playing, the game play, story and characters were all interesting, the battle screen was a really fun one to use; but just remember to play the game with an open mind, you’ll enjoy it much more if you don’t take what other people say about it to heart. I would recommend it for people who, like me, enjoy the storytelling of a game, and getting in deep with the characters. It’s a long game, but well worth it. Very anime based however, be warned.