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My name is Madeleine, I am a writer, and tend to go by my penname, bmlhillenkeene, for all my writing. To be honest I do not know why I have decided to start a journal up; and I will most likely forget all about it in a few weeks… But I suppose I just wanted to share my rather random thoughts with the rest of the world.


Feel free to comment, or not, I won’t mind. At some point I may look back at this and laugh at myself, but for now.


BML Hillen-Keene

Aged 23

Currently living in London

Family: Mother, Father, 2 brothers, 2 dogs and a cat (Copper)

Extended Family: Too many to currently list

Friends: Just 2... (man do I feel like a loser now…)

Interests: Well, I’m pretty sure you will find those out soon enough!

Little links that will lead to to some of my written works and information and stuff.


1.     Fanfiction.net: BMLHillen-Keene

2.     Fictionpress.com: BMLHillen-Keene

3.     WEbook: BMLHllen-Keene

4.     Bookrix.com: BMLHillen-Keene

5.     All Ezra Fanfic Archie: BMLHillen-Keene

6.     DeviantArt: BMLHilen-Keene

7.     Wiki: BMLHillen-Keene

8.     Wikpedia: Newry (brief mention)


Well, that’s all for now, on with the show I suppose.



Land in Mist

This is my published novel, Land in Mist. If you are interested please buy it and give it a read.


Salem turned to him, eyes flashing. "Did you learn nothing in college? Trolls are the embodiment of all magic. They are pure. they have no true form. They are like mist--black, impenetrable mist..." He trailed off and turned back to the hall, his eyes fastened on something the other's couldn't see. "He's here!"


When Salem Malrock stumbles upon a rebellion set up against the 'crazy' Queen Clara, to whom he is apprenticed, he finds himself inescapably drawn into a plot that goes far beyond merely dethroning and replacing the queen.


The young Mage must face the wrongs of a past he doesn't know to protect a future as fragile as the morning mist.


Buy it now on:







Horror Films

I have rather randomly been trying to find a decent list of Asian Horror movies so that I may expand my own growing Horror movie collection. The only problem I have encountered so far in my search is that everyone appears to have only watched a few films. The Ring, Grudge, A Tale of Two Sisters and Audition seem to be the favourites of so many; and while I can see the appeal of these films (don't get me wrong, I love them) I have to wonder that no one seems to branch out from this.


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Harry Potter Fanfics

Here are the Harry Potter fanfics I have written over the years, as you can see, many of them are still in the process of being written, but at any rate, read and enjoy!



The Other Way: A lot of things have changed after the defeat of the Dark Lord. Ron's about to find out how much. some slash, abuse, but not what you think.

Smile: Part of The Other Way universe.

Percy’s Pain: Bill goes in search of his brother after receiving a letter. What he finds isn't what he ever expected. Pure Weasley Family, brotherly love. Hint of PWOW.

Happily Ever After: Ron/Draco non magical AU. The trails and hardships of two boys of very different lifestyles in love.


In progress

The Prisoner: Sirius never went to prison, married his childhood sweetheart, took in Harry, and Draco is born. Harry and Draco are brothers, and go to Hogwarts.

Hells Angels: Draco and Pansy muggles? The muggle world can be a harsh environment for those not used to it. Join our intrepid heroes as they discover this strange civilisation.

What if: What If... Percy had had a different reason for leaving home. What If... it was something he could tell no one before it happened. What If... Oliver/Percy friendship only

Brood: A new take on prophecies and the path to destroying the Dark Lord. No Harry Potter here! Involves Percy, Oliver, Marcus, Penelope and a OC. PWMF.

Six Brothers: When their safe house is attacked during the first war. Bill and Charlie Weasley, aged 12 and 11, are forced to take their little brothers to safety. But in a war torn wizarding world, where exactly is safety?

Forlorn Hope: 9 years from it all ended, and hell began. 9 years from Voldermort won. All that remains is Forlorn Hope.

Animagis: a magical organisation made up of 'dead' witches and wizards, in the ageless battle against the Chirloc, demons of chaos. How is Lucius controlling them? Is he Dark Lord truly returned? Draco/Ron

A Friendship of Sorts: A Malfoy experiences the true meaning of friendship, at the hands of a Longbottom. Neville/Draco friendship fic. Child Abuse mentioned.

Ketchup and Mayonnaise: Ketchup and Mayonnaise, they go well on almost anything, put them together however? Well, it's an acquired taste. Ron and Draco Police AU



Chronicles of Narnia Fanfics

My Narnia fics... Man I reall went through a Narnia phase when the Caspian movie came out. I had most of these written in a week. But whatever, if you read, I hope you enjoy.


Protector: Set in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Edmund, Lucy and Eustace have been taken by slavers, one of whom has their eye on Lucy. What's a big brother to do?

Diplomatic Mission: (In Progress)  This is one diplomatic mission Edmund never wants to talk about. Golden Age. mentions of the Traitors Arc stories.

The Duel: What if Edmund had been the one to fight Miraz in single combat? No real spoilers... maybe a little towards the end. Movie based.


Traitors Arc Series

King Edmund the Just: Not everyone in Narnia is as forgiving as Aslan and his siblings. But can Edmund learn what it means to be a Jut King when faced with the remnants of the Witch's army?

Loyalty: Peter does not trust the Fell Creatures Edmund helps, but when something happens to Edmund, Peter is about to learn the level of loyalty these beings have for his brother.

Traitors Army:  (In Progress) Ettins are attacking Narnia's borders. Peter has been critically wounded, and Edmund sets out on a daring campaign to protect Narnia.

Prince: The story behind Edmunds comments to Miraz during the meeting between them. Golden Age fic. Edmund learns to treat himself with the same Justice he does everyone else.


TMNT Fanfics

Ahhhhh.... TMNT! This all started because I watched the 2003 tv series, which is absolutely excellent!


TMNT: What if the Turtle's weren't quite what you thought they were. Just a little look at just who they really are. A random series of one shots.

TMNT AU: After an Attack on the lair, Raph and Donnie are left to fend for themselves in the sewers

New Family:  (In Progress) Inspired and based upon the Blended Family Universe. Read them, they're good. The Turtles from the SAINW Universe join the seven brothers and Master Splinter in their home. But will their own pain ridden past return to haunt them in their new home?


Thunderbirds Fanfic

Blame the film... I went to see if five times, by myself, when it came out I loved it that much. I’m sure I have the dvd round here somewhere. However my fics do not follow the ages given to the film versions of the brothers. If you read any of these fics, make it WASP, which is my favourite and the best written of all of them... and I will finish it... really...


Thinking: John just needs some time to think, about life, his family, and just how much they don't apprciate him. will his family even notice he's gone

Just Another Camping Trip:  (In Progress) AU. Jeff Tracy is conned into helping out at a week long camp for abused, neglected and foster children, by Lady Penelope. What surprises lay in store for him? All the brothers are present and accounted for.

WASP:  (In Progress) At the age of twenty two Gordon Tracy was a member of the International Rescue, after an illustrious career in WASP, an impossible feat, but since when did Gordon Tracy ever believe in the impossible?


How to Destroy a Family Series

Games we Play: Gordon

Lies we Tell: Virgil

Give, Sympathise: John

Control: Scott (In Progress)

Happy and Free: Alan (Unwritten)


Final Fantasy 7 Fanfics

This section can be completely credited to the Advent children movie, that was what sparked off my FF7 obsession, which included playing the game twice and buying Dirge of Cerberus (even though I’m rubbish at shooting games)! Children is the one you’ll want to read if you like the clones; when it is done I think it may be my crowning glory in the FF7 fandom. (I’m very proud of it if you haven’t noticed).


In Silence: (In Progress) A reason to live, that was Reeve wanted to be. For Vincent. But as the battle with Deepground nears it's explosive end, things are about to become personal on a whole new level


Vincent Valentine Series

Turk: Vincent Valentine, pre-game, freshly betrayed, he swears off love, only to find his life turned upside down when he aids a woman and her son. Valentine/Highwind.

Lover:  (In progress) After being rescued from life in the coffin, Vincent finds himself remembering Gold and Blue, and he can't seem to take his eye off Cid. Valenwind.

Father: (Unwritten)


Children Series

Abused Memories: Charting the lives of the clones, and the start of the second Reunion.

Promises: Six months after the fall of Sephiroth, Cloud gives Tifa a Promise Ring, and tells her to just give him a little time to sort himself out. (Unwritten)

Children: After Advent Children, Cloud takes the Clones home, but things go quickly wrong when the Turks are on the trail of the Clones, and Yazoo is kidnapped. (In Progress)

(All below are unwritten... still in planning unfortunately)

Of Airships and Women: Cid is teaching Loz the finer points of Airships while he builds up his fleet for the WRO, and also gives him a crash course in women. He tells Loz he can name one of the Airships if he trains hard and becomes a pilot.

Proposal: Cloud at long last realises what an idiot he is one day watching Tifa, and goes out to find her the perfect ring, returns and tells her he needs her promise ring. He proposes.

Reno: Reno is thrown into an unwanted adventure that brings up too much of the past, and puts too much strain on his surviving family, the Turks. He tries to take the world onto his shoulders, but he soon learns that the Turks are a family for a reason.

Of Parents and Promises: Barret remembers the words Dyne told him before he killed himself, that he shouldn’t ever make Marlene cry, and while out on his oil fields he starts to wonder just how good a parent he is, and realises he hasn’t been a good one. When he heads to Edge for Marlene’s 7th birthday, it’s with the intention to ask Tifa to adopt the little girl properly.

WRO: How Yuffie and Kadaj came to work for the WRO, and became partners, she a ninja born and bred, and him an infiltration/assassination unit created and trained. The hate each other, from the outset, but one can’t deny they work well together.

Too Soon: Tifa and Cloud discuss the year the Clones have spent with them, and whether it’s too soon for them to be thrown into the fray once again, Kadaj with WRO, Yazoo with the Turks, and Loz with the Airships, and just how things have changed.

Dirge of Cerberus: The game, but with missing scenes and all other characters involved, including the Turks and the clones. Loz names his Airship ‘White Rose’ after Yuffie. And everyone gets a proper piece of the action, and Vincent learns he has a brother, Reeve.

Cait Tales: Cait has been doused in some mild bleach, which has corrupted some of his systems, his memory chip being one of them. He is only noticed missing when Reeve contacts the group to find out where he is as someone is after the Cait Models in an attempt to get information about him and WRO. Kadaj and Yuffie are sent to find out who these people are, Vincent takes the time to babysit Reeve and get to know his brother better. Nanaki heads out in search of the missing Cait Sith, but the little robot can’t remember him.

Names: Cait would like to know just how the clones came up with their names.

Children Requiem: Loz’s airship is shot down in the arctic regions round the Northern Crater, leaving Loz and Yuffie trapped in the freezing climate. Everyone races to the rescue, trying to find them, finding the airship, but no sign of Yuffie or Loz.


Prince of Tennis Fanfics

All I can say is KIRIHARA AKAYA! I love him, and Kamio of course, as all these stories will reflect I’m sure.


Rikkaidai Tenipuri Family fic thing: (In Progress) Exactly what it says in the title I'm afraid.

Rikkaidai Tenipuri Family Holiday Collection: (In Progress) Set after 'Rikkaidai Tenipuri Family fic thing'. This will be a collection of one shots centred around various Holidays. Mothers day, Christmas, Easter, new years, all of them in no particular order.

The Everlasting War: (In Progress) Yukimura of the Soldier Provinces has his eyes set on the Emperors throne, Kirihara Akaya is his means to do so. Tachibana of the Mystic Provinces is intent on changing the laws on the treatment of lesser Mystics. Emperor Atobe strives to be free of the constricting hold of the Advice Council, and to show the land that he is a worthy Emperor.

A girl for Rikkaidai: (In Progress) Akaya Kirihara is a girl! Wasted on the Rikkaidai girls tennis team, Akaya forces her way onto the boys team. And life at Rikkaidai tennis club will never be the same.

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Dragon Knights Fanfics

Wow I haven’t read this manga in ages... I fell totally in love with the three main characters though.


Rune: Rune vanished, leaving his two lovers Rath, the new Dragonlord, and Thatz, the new security officer, to grieve for him. But if Tinlet can be trapped in the body of a child, can the same not be said for Rune?

Demons & Treasure: Rune has had enough of always going on Demon and Treasure hunts, and takes Nadils head and continues on his own. but he is attacked by a Demon with an agenda

Nightmares: set a few days after the events of Demons and Treasure. Rune is having nightmares.


Fruits Basket Fanfics

The Trio, you’ve got to love the trio. Of all the FB characters, Ayame and Kyo were always right at the top, but Ayame was always the most interesting to write about.


Curse: Ayame, Shigure and Hatori try to find out how to stop a curse that is going to kill one of them.

Ayame’s Change: (In Progress) Ayame undergoes a very strange change. No one can understand how it happened. Is there something more sinister going on? How will Hatori and Shigure cope?


Magnificent 7 Fanfics

Ezra all the way. That’s all I have to say.


Flabbergast: Nathan reveals something he probably shouldn't have. A Nathan, Ezra story. No slash.

M7 Darken: An M7 short fic based off my novel, Darken.

Cold Case: (In Progress) Chris Larabee heads a Cold Case Unit with a little help from the Afterlife. Slash.

After the War is Over: (In Progress) The War is over, the North has won, and everyone returns to the lives they left behind. Those who cannot, find another life. And thus begins a tale of death, love, betrayal, and loyalty, to one's family, friends, and most importantly, to one's heart.


Cats & Dogs Series

Cats &Dogs: Chris has had Vin and Ezra now for nearly three months, when a woman, Maude Standish, turns up searching for her missing prize winning cat, ‘Angel Wings’, and takes Ezra away from the ranch. Chris never expected to miss the irritating cat so much.

Homeward Bound: (In Progress) Buck and Chris have been called to a court case in the city that involves both of them. They leave Vin, Ezra and JD in the capable hands of Josiah and Nathan out at the ranch. However, some people come to the ranch, intent on stealing the horses.

Showtime: (Unwritten)

Hounds of Hell: (Unwritten)


Supernatural Fusion Series

The Civil War House: (In Progress) The Magnificent Seven Supernatural Universe. Ezra needs help with a Poltergeist to get an item for a paying customer, and so he calls in his brothers for help. But dark, and evil things await in the Civil War House.

Things are Coming Together: (In Progress) Crossover with Magnificent7. Dean and Sam learn something very interesting about Bela, and Dean, when they finally track her down to get the Colt back. Just why is Vin Tanner protecting her? Pre-Slash eventually but not Wincest.

Condition: Spin off one-shot from 'Things are Coming Together'. Dean is rudely awoken by a very angry Ezra. Dean/Ezra slash


Digimon Fanfics

What can I say? I preferred it to Pokemon as a kid, and have continued to fawn over the fandom ever since! I even have to try my hand at writing a prequel adventure story based around the first five kids ever sent into the digiworld.


Digimon Adventure 00: (In Progress)  They thought it was just a video game, a way to have fun, or escape life’s injustices, none of them expected to end up on an adventure that would change each of them forever.

Digimon Adventure 02 AU: (In Progress) What if Sam had been the digimon emperor, and Ken had been forced to work for him. No dark spore Ken's here. Brotherly love, hate, angst and fluff within.


Single Fanfics

All my on off fanfics, if I ever write another in one of these fandom’s I will give them their very own titled post, but for the moment they can stay here in the company of their fellow singles. Please enjoy.


A Great and Honourable Tradition: HSM2 The Baseball game, and just why Chad and Ryan exchanged shirts. Different from other fics about this, that I've read anyway. Short.

Arc: (In Progress) A collection eventually of stories based around the character of Arc and his relationships with the other Warriors of Light, and his past.

Cheeks Worries: Set at the end of Mattimeo. Since the Redwallers got their young ones back, Cheek has been feeling left out, and no one has noticed. Can Basil convince the young otter to come back to Redwall, and that he is wanted and loved?

Guardians: Well, if Taz had met Flint and Tanis as a child, this is what I think would have happened.

Grove of Harmony: (In Progress) The Queen asks Cain to do a great service to save the OZ once more. His task, to take Ambrose/Glitch to the Grove of Harmony.

Holiday at  Zala Beach: (In Progress) A series of one shots set 5 years after the defeat of Veros. Our heroes have a reunion at Zala beach, with surprises all round.

Morning Ritual: Syaoran would never take their morning ritual for granted. If he did his heart would break. He would always wait for her, because she had waited for him.

One Shots: (In Progress) A collection of one shots I will likely update as I play the game, Star Ocean: the last hope. Some Faize/Lymle, with the possibility of other pairings later as I meet new characters.

Of Brothers, Rings and Forgetting Things: After Sabin finds Edgar in the Land of Ruin, and the adventure continues on, things might not be how they appear. Sabin tries desperately to get Edgar to remember that they are brothers.


Tsubasa Chronicle Fanfics

This story is getting a post all its own, simply because I am so damn proud of it. Tsubasa Chronicle is one of my favourite anime’s, and I just completely fell for the character of Fai, he’s just so damn mysterious, but he has such a heart of gold under it all. Sigh, I just love the anime, and this fic turned into one of the best stories I’ve written.


The Epic Fairytale: (In Progress) Fai is a Prince trapped in a tower waiting for his knight in shining armour, but he soon learns that sometimes the princess in a story must go looking for her hero.... Especially true when Fai's hero is Kurogane. AU. Kurofai, eventually.