Game Review

Here is the first in what may be a long line of Game reviews. This will probably not be exactly how other people write reviews on games, but as it is my fist time trying such a thing it will be how I do it. I have picked out bits of the game I feel were interesting or note worthy and have written about them, as well as given my own opinion on the game play, storyline and characters.


Beware the spoilers!


Star Ocean: The Last Hope



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Final Notes

This is a game that is well worth playing, the game play, story and characters were all interesting, the battle screen was a really fun one to use; but just remember to play the game with an open mind, you’ll enjoy it much more if you don’t take what other people say about it to heart. I would recommend it for people who, like me, enjoy the storytelling of a game, and getting in deep with the characters. It’s a long game, but well worth it. Very anime based however, be warned.


Darken Blurbs

Here are the blurbs for the Darken Series, just because it feels right to post them. *shrug* I never claimed I ever made any sense whatsoever.



Darken, creatures borne of human desire, the darkness that lingers within all of the human race. Feeding off pain, anger, hatred, lust; release of all emotion subdued and cast aside by human fear. They stand as the living, physical proof of humanities evil. They are the future, and no matter what you do to hide from it, no matter what walls you build to keep them away, they will always be there, growing and festering, waiting for the day when you cannot stop the thoughts, dark and cruel, the urges, demanding and twisted, and the actions, quick and deadly.

They wait, because to the Darken there is no other end but the one they can see so clearly. The humans in their cities can pretend they do not exist, or that they are not to blame for the ruin the world has fallen into. But the Darken know, and deep down, so do the humans. There is no saviour, no relief, nothing but the inevitable end. Resistance means nothing, and it cannot save them, but the human spirit is nothing if not stubborn, and their resistance will make the final defeat all the sweeter.

1.     Mars Morrison Captains the Shadow Company, the only people brave enough to face the Darken head on outside the walls of the Sealed City. But his job becomes far more difficult when the newest member of his team is none other than his younger brother who he has not spent time with in eleven years. Now Mars must reconcile leading his team, whose sole purpose is to fight and kill Darken, and honouring his mothers last wishes to protect his brother, who harbours a dark secret.

2.     Approached by a soldier who wants to join the Shadow Company, Mars makes the decision to even the team, but as the new recruit begins to uncover Astral’s secret what can Mars and the rest of the team do to protect their youngest member?

3.     Mars has been injured in battle and a replacement trainer has been drafted in to look after the teams training, but the man appears to have design’s of his own, and they all seem to centre on pushing Astral into releasing his Darken side

4.     The City has been breached, Darken are plaguing the streets and driving the citizens into frightened frenzy’s. The Shadow Company goes out to help push the Darken back outside the walls, each member struggling with memories of their first city breach and the first time they saw the Darken.

5.     Astral has come down with the flu, and during his fever he begins to change from human to Darken, never staying long as one or the other, plagued by nightmares. Mars and the team can only look on helplessly, fending off demands from the Base Commander for Astral to be transferred to the Science department for testing.

6.     Gavin is back, and he’s not all human anymore. But he is determined to take Astral down with him before he succumbs to the Darken within him.

7.     Urges that are not his own, but those of the Darken part of himself are driving Astral to do things he would not have before, and nothing Astral can do seems to be helping. Is the Darken simply too strong? Is the end truly as inevitable as it seems?



Another book; this is one I am particularly proud of. The chapters I have posted as just the beginning of what is actually a seven book series I am wading my way through. The only probable is that I can just never seem to get in the right mood for continuing. Which is sad given that is actually one of my best works. Again, this is a draft, so please don’t take it as the finished product. (If this one isn’t published by the time my future family generations find this then something went terribly wrong!)



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Here is one of my original stories, one I am rather proud of. It isn’t yet compete, but it is one I have every intention of finishing, and with a little luck getting published. The spelling and grammar might be a little off, but this is only technically the first draft. (If this is being read by future generations of my family and your all wondering what the hell happened to this story, I’m pretty sure it’s hidden amongst my USB drives, or my verrrrrrry old laptop, complete with full plot and characters if I haven’t finished it.)



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Random Thought

To be honest, when I decided to start this livejournal thing, I didn’t think I’d have anything to post on it, but it’s growing all by itself; My fanfic lists, my horror movie rant; the game reviews I am currently slowly working my way through writing. I’m even starting to wonder if there are other random things I could talk about...

I’m not doing this for people to read and comment, though I wouldn’t say no if someone did, in fact it seems like an almost liberating experience, putting all these little things in one place. I’m collecting all the parts of my internet life and putting it all here (for the most part). I wonder if this is how people feel when they write memoires.

Well, in any case, I am glad I started this, and it will be fun to see what sort of random things I end up talking about.

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Tsubasa Chronicle Fanfics

This story is getting a post all its own, simply because I am so damn proud of it. Tsubasa Chronicle is one of my favourite anime’s, and I just completely fell for the character of Fai, he’s just so damn mysterious, but he has such a heart of gold under it all. Sigh, I just love the anime, and this fic turned into one of the best stories I’ve written.


The Epic Fairytale: (In Progress) Fai is a Prince trapped in a tower waiting for his knight in shining armour, but he soon learns that sometimes the princess in a story must go looking for her hero.... Especially true when Fai's hero is Kurogane. AU. Kurofai, eventually.


Single Fanfics

All my on off fanfics, if I ever write another in one of these fandom’s I will give them their very own titled post, but for the moment they can stay here in the company of their fellow singles. Please enjoy.


A Great and Honourable Tradition: HSM2 The Baseball game, and just why Chad and Ryan exchanged shirts. Different from other fics about this, that I've read anyway. Short.

Arc: (In Progress) A collection eventually of stories based around the character of Arc and his relationships with the other Warriors of Light, and his past.

Cheeks Worries: Set at the end of Mattimeo. Since the Redwallers got their young ones back, Cheek has been feeling left out, and no one has noticed. Can Basil convince the young otter to come back to Redwall, and that he is wanted and loved?

Guardians: Well, if Taz had met Flint and Tanis as a child, this is what I think would have happened.

Grove of Harmony: (In Progress) The Queen asks Cain to do a great service to save the OZ once more. His task, to take Ambrose/Glitch to the Grove of Harmony.

Holiday at  Zala Beach: (In Progress) A series of one shots set 5 years after the defeat of Veros. Our heroes have a reunion at Zala beach, with surprises all round.

Morning Ritual: Syaoran would never take their morning ritual for granted. If he did his heart would break. He would always wait for her, because she had waited for him.

One Shots: (In Progress) A collection of one shots I will likely update as I play the game, Star Ocean: the last hope. Some Faize/Lymle, with the possibility of other pairings later as I meet new characters.

Of Brothers, Rings and Forgetting Things: After Sabin finds Edgar in the Land of Ruin, and the adventure continues on, things might not be how they appear. Sabin tries desperately to get Edgar to remember that they are brothers.


Digimon Fanfics

What can I say? I preferred it to Pokemon as a kid, and have continued to fawn over the fandom ever since! I even have to try my hand at writing a prequel adventure story based around the first five kids ever sent into the digiworld.


Digimon Adventure 00: (In Progress)  They thought it was just a video game, a way to have fun, or escape life’s injustices, none of them expected to end up on an adventure that would change each of them forever.

Digimon Adventure 02 AU: (In Progress) What if Sam had been the digimon emperor, and Ken had been forced to work for him. No dark spore Ken's here. Brotherly love, hate, angst and fluff within.


Magnificent 7 Fanfics

Ezra all the way. That’s all I have to say.


Flabbergast: Nathan reveals something he probably shouldn't have. A Nathan, Ezra story. No slash.

M7 Darken: An M7 short fic based off my novel, Darken.

Cold Case: (In Progress) Chris Larabee heads a Cold Case Unit with a little help from the Afterlife. Slash.

After the War is Over: (In Progress) The War is over, the North has won, and everyone returns to the lives they left behind. Those who cannot, find another life. And thus begins a tale of death, love, betrayal, and loyalty, to one's family, friends, and most importantly, to one's heart.


Cats & Dogs Series

Cats &Dogs: Chris has had Vin and Ezra now for nearly three months, when a woman, Maude Standish, turns up searching for her missing prize winning cat, ‘Angel Wings’, and takes Ezra away from the ranch. Chris never expected to miss the irritating cat so much.

Homeward Bound: (In Progress) Buck and Chris have been called to a court case in the city that involves both of them. They leave Vin, Ezra and JD in the capable hands of Josiah and Nathan out at the ranch. However, some people come to the ranch, intent on stealing the horses.

Showtime: (Unwritten)

Hounds of Hell: (Unwritten)


Supernatural Fusion Series

The Civil War House: (In Progress) The Magnificent Seven Supernatural Universe. Ezra needs help with a Poltergeist to get an item for a paying customer, and so he calls in his brothers for help. But dark, and evil things await in the Civil War House.

Things are Coming Together: (In Progress) Crossover with Magnificent7. Dean and Sam learn something very interesting about Bela, and Dean, when they finally track her down to get the Colt back. Just why is Vin Tanner protecting her? Pre-Slash eventually but not Wincest.

Condition: Spin off one-shot from 'Things are Coming Together'. Dean is rudely awoken by a very angry Ezra. Dean/Ezra slash


Fruits Basket Fanfics

The Trio, you’ve got to love the trio. Of all the FB characters, Ayame and Kyo were always right at the top, but Ayame was always the most interesting to write about.


Curse: Ayame, Shigure and Hatori try to find out how to stop a curse that is going to kill one of them.

Ayame’s Change: (In Progress) Ayame undergoes a very strange change. No one can understand how it happened. Is there something more sinister going on? How will Hatori and Shigure cope?